Robert Baker returns! …and he’s brought his brother Ben along! The Baker boys join Nick and Geej as they blow out their Whatcha Watchin’?! notebooks before the hiatus.

This time, the fellas discuss Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Wet Hot American Summer, Straight Outta Compton, Ghostbusters 3, True Detective, 13 Going on 30, Knights of Badassdom, Coming To America, 9 to 5, Working Girl, Gremlins 2, Ocean’s Eleven, Defending Your Life, Hocus Pocus, Monster Squad, Survive Style 5+, The House Bunny, Trading Places, The Blues Brothers, Scrooged, Chef, Friday the 13th, Dungeons and Dragons.

Other topics discussed include: Dabney Coleman, funny bitches, the LA riots, food porn, Tom Cruise’s alleged gayness, and the incomparable Jeremy Irons.