Nick and GJ start this episode off by talking about some film tropes.  What do you think, is ¡Three Amigos! more of a “And You Thought It Was a Game” kind of story, or more of a “Real After All” sort of a deal.  And while we’re on the subject, what was the first film/TV/movie/cinema to ever use the trick of having oblivious protagonists who get mistaken for real heroes?

“Media” discussed on this episode includes Blue JasmineGalaxy of TerrorThe Forbidden PlanetGrand Theft Auto V, and Austenland.

Also: the time GJ met Woody Allen, the time GJ was a ringer for a reality show, pirated Netflix accounts, living down the crap you do early in your career, and whacking it to Excalibur.

Speaking of which…