posted by Nick.

I love strange websites. And not just your run-of-the-mill fetish sites or oddly specific fan blogs, mind you, I’m talking about real head-scratching MADNESS. When I found this one I felt like I’d stumbled across the diary of a straight up serial killer. I came across it one day a few months back when I did a Google image search for Rob Halford of the band Judas Priest. I can’t really remember why I was looking for pictures of Rob Halford, but that’s not important. It’s easy to see why my search led me to this site, there’s loads of pictures of Rob Halford, but there’s also an incredible amount of information about hysterectomies. Yes, you read that right, pictures of Rob Halford and a crapload of  information about hysterectomies. It’s like some kind of psycho scrapbook! Why is this site here? I mean, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!? Can anyone help me out here? Click the image and prepare to be confused.