Yeah, sure, the robots are going to kill us. But before they do, they’ll have to get much smarter. Just how close are we to digital doomsday? Also: boner blockers, dog poop, men’s fashion, and pop-culture hypocrisy.

We begin, as always, with GJ’s Random Thought™. This time, he’s talking bottle caps. It’s about time someone got to the bottom of this shit, am I right?! #twistoffbitch

You see what happens when you don't have a twist off?!

You see what happens when you don’t have a twist off?!









Nick’s Followup© comes next. What do Hulk Hogan, Bill Cosby, and Michael Jackson have in common? I mean, besides weird sex stuff.. That’s right, they’re all fallen heroes from the 80′s. Discussion ensues.

A brief Whatcha Drinkin’?! follows, wherein Nick probes GJ in regard to his feelings about Mexican beer.

Then it’s on to the Meat. GJ comes out of the gate with some wide ranging and highly informative thoughts about artificial intelligence, but he also makes time to talk about (literal) dog shit, as well as pop-culture hypocrisy. Nick, meanwhile, discusses anti-erection devices and men’s fashion. Other topics covered include:

The only "man jewelry" approved by The Bionic Broadcast.

The only “man jewelry” approved by The Bionic Broadcast.

  • Gay computers
  • #nocturnalejaculation
  • Hegemony


  • Man jewelry


  • Surgery trolls



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The cover this time is “The Distance” by Cake.