Jihadi John? The Confederate flag? Liquid water enhancers? Cake farts? SLURRICANE?!?! It’s the END OF THE WORLD!! Join us as we get our affairs in order.

We start with GJ’s Random Thought™. What’s on his mind this time? Liquid water enhancer. Watch out, people, it may just be a harbinger for the END OF DAYS!

Tracy likes it, Geej...and he's cool.

Tracy likes it, Geej…and he’s cool.

We forgo Nick’s Followup© this time to bring you some BIG NEWS! You’ll want to hear this Update, folks, it’s a gnarly one.

Whatcha Drinkin’?! comes next. GJ has finally caught on to Nick’s game, so he brings us some Blue Moon cinnamon horchata ale. Not to be outdone, Nick has brought some of rapper E-40′s Slurricane. Combine the two and you have a spicy, sweet journey to the bottom of the barrel.

The Meat comes next. From GJ we hear about internet Nazis, the Confederate flag, vocal fingerprints, and obscure fetishes; while Nick talks ASMR, and hits us with new installments of Commercial Commentry, and What’s Worse?! Other topics discussed include:

It's sexy, but it limits visibility. Not recommended.

It’s sexy, but it limits visibility. Not recommended.

  • Jihadi John
  • Supine young boys
  • Cake farts


  • Jeff Goldblum, sex symbol


  • Human hood ornaments






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The cover this time is “What Do I Get?” by The Buzzcocks.