Nick and Geej are back to talk 900 numbers, sexual consent training, Tinder, Silk Road, jacking it to soap operas, and the inevitable rise of the robots. It’s a doozy, people!

We start, as always, with GJ’s Random Thought™. This time, we talk pop psychology, stamp collecting, passive aggression, and wallowing in our own self pity.

Not this kind of stamp collecting...

Not this kind of stamp collecting…









Next, Nick chimes in with his Followup©. Guess what? We finally got with 2010 and signed up for Instagram! Now, what exactly should we do with it? Harlem Shake video? Ice bucket challenge? Planking? You can find our page here. Special shout out to our good pal Michael “Zombie” Nixon for his help on that front!

Then it’s on to Whatcha Drinkin’?! This time, Nick and Geej share some Costco brand Kirkland Signature barrel aged bourbon. GJ has his doubts…

The Meat comes next. From GJ we hear about the guaranteed universal income, sexual consent training, and the inevitable rise of the machines, while Nick talks Silk Road, checks in with our old pal Hostgator Dotcom, and waxes nostalgic about 1-900 numbers. Other topics covered include:

Ah, King Koopa, we hardly knew ye.

Ah, King Koopa, we hardly knew ye.

  • Raping polar bears
  • Stealing fucks
  • The final season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force


  • Nick’s on Tinder
  • Jacking it to soap operas


  • The legacy of King Koopa



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The cover this time is “Long Train Running” by The Doobie Brothers.

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