Nick and Geej return for a show about barbaric boxing, tricky tattoo timelines, frigid friend-zoners, and advertiser antagonists.

We begin with GJ’s Random Thought™. This time he has a question for us… which hand do you masturbate with? His answer may shock you! Nick follows up by revisiting the “Hefnerdick” controversy from last episode. Classy stuff, people.

Whatcha Drinkin’?! comes next. The boys are drinking beer. Moving on…

You know how we do it.

You know how we do it.










Let’s have some Meat, shall we? From GJ we hear about the friend zone, the cultural history of tattoos, barbarism in boxing, and Spider-Man: the EDM aficionado, while Nick talks about trolling advertisers, shows off his anti-premarital sex t-shirt, and hits us with another round of What’s Worse?! Other topics covered include:

"It's hideous. I love it!"

“It’s hideous. I love it!”

  • Velvet Elvis paintings
  • Piercings and plugs
  • Pewdiepie


  • Snapchant


  • Laughing at mustard





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The cover this time is “Cannonball” by The Breeders.