There’s no way around it, so I may as well come clean… on this episode we talk about Hugh Hefner’s pork sword. But like many disgusting things one hears on this show, the pork sword is merely a jumping off point to a much larger and more complex conversation about free will, economics, sexuality, and semantics. Join us, won’t you?

After the intro, GJ kicks things off with his Random Thought™. This time he has a hot new app idea for us, The PORNganizer™! You know where this is going…

During Nick’s Followup®, he predicts which starlet will be the next to have a fucked up face.

Whatcha Drinkin’?! sees our heroes trying something called Delicia Red Velvet Malt Beverage. It looks like hummingbird juice and tastes like a damn red velvet cake. How do they do it?!

The Meat comes next. From GJ we hear about the titular concept of Hefnerdick as well as some feminism themed TV tropes, while Nick tells us about MSMBC, gives us another shot of Commercial Commentry, and introduces a new game called TechnoProg. Other topics discussed include:Frances Bean

  • Frances Bean’s new face
  • Shitty apps
  • Badass video game heroines


  • Sir Anthony Hopkins


  • Being RUGGED!



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The cover this time is Straight Edge by Minor Threat.