Episode #90 is upon us! Rejoice, for you are saved! This time we talk Thicke and Pharrell vs. the Gaye family, chubby Korean kids, destruction videos, books (?!), and the #byefelipe movement…among other things.

GJ begins with his Random Thought™What have we this time? Crazy ants. That’s a thing. Like, an actual species of ant. Doesn’t seem like a very science-y name for them, but what are you gonna do? Nick follows up by expressing his distaste for the words “mommy” and “daddy”. Ugh, between the ants and those two words, I can’t decide which grosses me out more…

Ha! This is just cute! Thanks, website I stole this from...

Ha! This is just cute! Thanks, website I stole this from…








Whatcha Drinkin’?! is up next. This time we try some Ludlow’s Old Fashioned flavored Jello shots. They are terrible, despite their “manly” packaging. Moving on…

The Meat comes next. What a stew we have for you! Nick talks about shoe destruction videos and tells us more about the copyright case against Robin Thicke and Pharrell, while GJ talks books, chubby Korean toughness camps, and the latest online trend known as “Bye, Felipe”. Other topics covered include:

*not this kind of Supercut

*not this kind of Supercut

  • The human supercut*
  • Twincest porn
  • Nick’s musical thievery


  • Rebellion against capitalist consumer culture


  • Men and women are EQUAL (except when it comes to paying for dinner…or killing spiders…or taking the garbage out)

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The cover this time is “How Do You Do?” by Mouth and MacNeal.