Happy Valentine’s Day, people! This time, Nick and Geej take a “love quiz” developed by a bona fide psychologist. No Cosmo bulls**t here; this is the real deal. Listen as the boys open a vein and attempt to take their longstanding friendship to a whole new level of intimacy!

But first… GJ wants to know which insults he can hurl at a woman so as not to appear misogynist. Something that falls somewhere in between “jerk” and “cunt” that still gets the job done…any ideas?


So what exactly is this “love quiz” we’re talking about? Well, in case you missed it, a writer for the New York Times recently wrote a piece detailing her own experiment with a questionnaire developed in the 90′s by psychologist Dr. Arthur Aron that was designed to foster intimacy between people. Over the course of an hour, Nick and GJ administer this quiz to each other with the results being alternately enlightening and terrifying. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about your illustrious hosts, this is the episode for you!

The cover this time is “These Boots Were Made for Walkin’” by Nancy Sinatra.