It’s an embarrassment of riches this time around, people! Nick and GJ go guest free and talk everything from fast food, Christian rock, and recycling, to social engineering, eating booty, and The Fappening! Join us, won’t you?

After a brief Intro, we shoot straight into GJ’s Random Thought. This time around, GJ has an intriguing new diet plan called the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit diet. Could this be the delicious yet effective weight-loss solution we’ve all been clamoring for?

Then it’s on to Whatcha Drinkin’?! No cocktails this time, but we still manage to sample some interesting new things. GJ has a peanut butter stout and some rum that purportedly tastes of coffee and cigarettes, while Nick has come through with some Woodford Reserve bourbon. Turns out that Woodford Reserve is quite nice, despite their irritating television commercials!

The Meat comes next. We cover so many topics this time, people. GJ talks of a recent road trip to Portland, OR, details his first ever meal at Wendy’s, points out the flaws of Christian rock, and discusses the finer points of being friendly with an ex…and that’s all before he weighs in on abortion! From Nick we hear about the annoyance of recycling, the idiocy of paying it forward, and the hot new trend of eating booty. And of course, we couldn’t let another episode pass without sharing our thoughts on The Fappening! Other topics covered include:road kill rag

  • Water towers
  • Social engineering
  • Suicidal deer


  • Fucking folds
  • Road kill rag relief


  • Random homeless jizz!

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The cover this time is “Song #2″ by Blur.