Homemade Barrel Aged Whiskey


  • 1 btl. unaged “white” whiskey
  • 1 smallish oak cask


Empty the bottle of whiskey into the oak barrel and seal closed. Place barrel on a bookshelf until it begins to reek of booze. Open cask 1 1/2 years early and consume live on your podcast.

Nick and GJ are back with another episode of Whatcha Watchin’?! ..er.. Bionic Broadcast! This time we talk pet peeves, chatty neighbors, super lawyers, homemade whiskey, and sweet, sweet grapefruit lovin’!

As always, GJ begins with his Random Thought. It’s rather specific this time.. old neighbor people who stand in their driveway and try to discuss politics with you. Turns out, Nick has had some experience with this issue as well.

"Chaos Department? That's just the tip of the iceberg! What do you know about the Matrix?"

“Chaos Department? That’s just the tip of the iceberg! What do you know about the Matrix?”










This is usually the spot where we’d do Updates, but as of this episode that segment has been moved to the end of the show. How does that work for you?

Next is Whatcha Drinkin’?! For this installment, GJ has brought some homemade barrel aged whiskey! Funny story: the heat of the L.A. Summer was causing the cask to sweat alcohol, stinking up GJ’s house. Thus, he decided to open the whiskey after only six months of aging, instead of the intended two years. The resulting spirit retained a hot alcohol burn, yet still managed to take on a bit of the vanilla/oak flavor of the wood barrel. Not so bad, really.

The Meat comes next… and hey, new sound effect! Nick starts us off with a brief investigation of “super lawyer” James G. Sokolove before the boys move into their main topic for the episode, pet peeves. From “hey”-texters and selective e-mail answerers, to complicated universal remotes and bands with names that are difficult to pronounce, Nick and Geej let the rage fly. Before moving on, we also get a “grapefruiting” update. Did Nick and GJ follow through with their plan to try out the infamous technique? Spoiler: yes, but you’ll want to hear the gory details. Other topics covered include:

"I won't FIGHT for you, per se, but I will take a percentage of your settlement money for basically doing nothing."

“I won’t FIGHT for you, per se, but I will take a percentage of your settlement money in exchange for doing basically nothing.”

  • Dating rich girls
  • The ass gasket
  • Witch house


  • Manhole and the Douche


  • ComPLANEing




We round out the show with Updates. Nick talks about an awkward bluetooth speaker incident and gives us an update on the Episode 75 –  3 Year Anniversary Spectacular, while GJ gives a rundown of his recent trip to Florida, where he acted alongside Michael Madsen in the upcoming creature feature, Cobragator.






















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The cover this time is “Girl U Want” by DEVO.