Remy Martin cognac

You’re a chump if you’re not buying your cognac at the drugstore, people!

Saison Rue belgian ale

Now with rye and brettanomyces!

St. Ides High Gravity malt liquor

Hold it down.

It’s a roller coaster of emotions as Nick and GJ talk about media bias, the Woody Allen situation, and stuff that makes them cry.  Other topics covered include: hashtag rap, cocaine, schoolyard fisticuffs, and virgin pregnancies!

Nick starts the show with a burst of enthusiasm thanks to his sound taste in malt liquors. He’s so fired up that he nearly forgets about GJ’s Random Thought.  This time, GJ wants to talk about “tax dancing”.  Have you ever had your taxes done at a place that had a dude in a Statue of Liberty costume shimmying outside?

Tax Dancer









Then it’s on to Updates.  Nick tells us about the show’s recently acquired Dogecoins and Coinyes and weaves in a bit about the Jamaican bobsled team, while GJ offers up an ode to the guy who created Doritos Locos tacos.  Before moving on, Nick answers a listener who wanted our opinion on an odd selection of bands, and GJ goes on a cocaine tirade!

Whatcha Drinkin’?! is next.  GJ has Remy Martin cognac and Saison Rue belgian ale with rye and brettanomyces (yep, THAT brettanomyces), and Nick discusses his love of ‘Ghetto beverages’ whilst quaffing a St. Ides high gravity malt liquor.

The Meat is full of emotional ups and downs this time! From hashtag rap and media bias, to the Woody Allen “situation” and liking art by despicable artists.  We also find out what makes the boys emotional and we get another round of Sex News.  Other topics covered include:

Someone get GJ a tissue.

Someone get GJ a tissue.

  • Sad toys
  • Crying for dollars
  • “Unpacking”


  • Weird retarded wet mermen
  • Flesh-eating bacteria


  • Buy your liquor at CVS and Rite-Aid, people!



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The cover this time is Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye.