This traditional Korean liquor is smooth and subtle, with a flavor not totally unlike sake.

Stone Smoked Porter with Vanilla Bean

This smoky-sweet beer goes down easy for Nick, but GJ finds it a bit too sweet.

Oh, what a night!  Nick and GJ are joined this time by their lovely lady lumps for a show about the Manisphere, biotruths, “friendzoning”, and the chronically celibate.  Spoiler alert: there’s a lot of sad, angry dudes out there!

First up is the Intro.  The girls get things rolling by demonstrating just how closely they’ve been listening to the show, and GJ hits us with his Random Thought: ”girls who like really buff dudes”.  Is it a societal construct, a rule of proximity, or just stupid people being stupid?

Then it’s on to Updates.  Nick tells us about a couple of new cryptocurrencies that are making the rounds, GJ talks about switching to e-cigarettes, and Emily brings us news on the latest celebrity Uber driver.  Before moving on, Nick shares his thoughts about some recent comments made by Morrissey.

I don't blame you, Kanye. I probably would have sued 'em too.

I don’t blame you, Kanye. I probably would have sued ‘em too.












Up next is Whatcha Drinkin’?!  This time, GJ has brought along some soju, a vodka-like spirit from Korea.  We’re drinking it straight, but it can also be used in cocktails.  It’s smooth and subtle with a flavor similar to sake.  Nick has brought Stone smoked porter with vanilla bean, a smoky-sweet brew from the makers of Stone IPA.

The Meat comes next.  This time, the gang engages in a spirited discussion about the “men’s rights” movement and the phenomenon of “InCels” — involuntarily celibate men who have become convinced that the world OWES them some sex!  GJ also brings us another round of Sex News, and Nick rounds things out with a new segment called Sex Hacks.  Along the way we also touch on these topics:

What do you think about think about this little morsel, Camille?

Hey girls, what do you think about think about this little morsel?

  • The “numbers” system
  • MGTOWs
  • Vagina birds


  • Ladies like chub


  • The gravy squirtgun!

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The cover this time is “Ladies Night” by Kool and The Gang.  Obvious choice, right?


P.S. Stream Shy Boys: IRL the documentary about InCels that we talked about on this episode by clicking here.