Age of Reason

Not bad, but it requires some pricey ingredients and it doesn’t taste all that different from Drambuie.

Angry Orchard Apple Cinnamon Cider

Pretty decent as ciders go.  Not overly sweet, and it pairs well with the holiday season.

Nick and GJ are back at ‘cha for tha ’14, y’all! WHAT?!

After a quick Intro, GJ hits us with his Random Thought: weird beards.  It’s about time we tackled this topic, right?

Moving right into Updates, GJ wants to revisit the great Ice Cube vs. Dr. Dre debate and discuss extreme snacking, while Nick talks Christmas presents, Roger Corman, GJ the Lyft driver, and modern band names.

Jake's beard. Is it weird?

Jake’s beard. Is it weird?












Up next is Whatcha Drinkin’?!  GJ has whipped up something called Age of Reason.  It’s loaded with interesting ingredients but it comes out tasting a bit too much like plain old Drambuie.  Nick has brought along an apple cinnamon cider called Angry Orchard that was gifted to him by Tyler the transgender superhero.  Nick and GJ are surprised that it’s not overly sweet and remark that it’s a nice flavor for the holiday season.

Then it’s on to the Meat of the show.  From GJ we hear about social media and the social contract, Lulu: the app that lets girls rate the guys that they’ve dated, and we get another round of Sex News.  Nick talks hotel minibars, details Johnny Marr’s thoughts on Spotify, and reports on a new breed of telemarketer.  Other topics covered include:

Pretty hot, eh Mormons?

Pretty hot, eh Mormons?


  • The Nick Device
  • Irish Christmas songs
  • Reverse sexism


  • The 3 types of vaginas






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The cover this time is “Folsom Prison Blues” by Johnny Cash.