Carrie Brownstein


  • 1 part Jamaican rum
  • 1 part Owl’s Brew

The sweet, somewhat citrusy flavor of the tea provides a nice balance against the rum. Delicious, unique, and easy to make, it’s a fitting tribute to everybody’s new favorite rocker turned comedian.

Get Up Offa That Brown

Brown ale from the L.A. based Golden Road Brewery. It’s flavorful without being too pushy. A nice change of pace from your average Newcastle.

Nick and GJ are back again with more pop culture culture culture goodness!  This time we talk pets, revenge porn, spam Twitter accounts, online comments, and female orgasms… just swerving all over that culture highway, people!

First up we have GJ’s random thought.  This time he talks iPods and invisibility cloaks. Well, invisibility cloaks anyway. I think it’s safe to say that GJ is terrified of the havoc their invention would undoubtedly wreck on our society.

I don’t know GJ, so far I’m not exactly terrified.


Next is Updates.  Not much to report this time around, but Nick wants to remind you that stickers are available and tell you he’s sorry that our episodes aren’t getting posted at a regular day and time.  We’re working on it, people!

Then it’s time for Whatcha Drinkin’?! For this edition GJ has mixed Jamaican rum with Owl’s Brew (a specially crafted tea made for mixing in cocktails) to create a nameless concoction that’s teeth-grindingly good!  We’ll call it the Carrie Brownstein in honor of Producer Justin’s pun.  Nick brought a local beer from the LA area called Get Up Offa That Brown.  It’s a weak name but a very tasty brew!

The Meat of the show comes next.  From GJ we hear about caring for your pets, the changing ways in which we comment online, and get another roundup of sex news, while Nick tells us about a new “revenge porn” law in California, and fills us in on the @horse_ebooks spam Twitter feed.  Also:

Nick's pregnant pet spider

Nick’s pregnant pet spider

  • Animals are better than kids
  • Yelp is irrelevant
  • GJ has a god complex


  • Nick’s pet spider Stony
  • Calling a spade a spade


  • The cycle of life, man!



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