La Rosette


  • 1 1/2 oz. elderflower liqueur
  •  Champagne


Pour the liqueur into a champagne flute. Top off with champagne. Add a strawberry or a lemon peel or freeze-dried butterfly.

Nick starts things off by reminding us that, under the new format, the show might not always have one single main topic.

After a quick hello, GJ goes to the mailbag and reads an email from a listener who thinks that the guys should have talked about the “end of the Iraq war” during their 2011 year-in-review discussion of episode 13. GJ is confused about what exactly is going on over there. Does anyone really know? Cue the theme to M*A*S*H*.

GJ says that he’s stopped listening to the show because he thinks he sounds like a “gay Muppet”. While they’re on the subject of Muppets, the guys offer their thoughts on several Sesame Street characters.

The official position of the Bionic Broadcast is that these guys are friends and roommates

Then it’s time for Whatcha Drinkin’?! The boys enjoyed this episode’s concoction so much that they finished their drinks before they even got the chance to talk about them! La Rosette is a simple combination of Champagne and elderflower liqueur, but it does, as GJ says, “take your champagne to a whole other level”. During the discussion, GJ expresses some frustration at the thought that the listeners might not be trying any of these cocktails for themselves. In order to get people to try and make these drinks at home, GJ offers some incentive: send in a photo of yourself making one of our drinks and he will send you a photo of his dick with your name written on it. Nick thinks that someone out there is gong to be one very lucky fan!

Before moving on, Nick offers a special shout out to the show’s webmaster Malcolm and his wife Jillian on the birth of their daughter Violet. GJ wonders if EVERYONE out there is having babies but him.


A real brony, photographed in the wild

For this episode, the guys each read some interesting stories from the larger pop-culture sphere. From Nick we hear about Bronies (adult male fans of My Little Pony), a serial butt cutter, and a theory about why men like (giving) facials, while GJ tells us why smart people are ugly, and why women have sex with losers. Some choice cuts include:

  • GJ thinks that there should be two Facebooks: one for people with kids, and another for ‘cool, interesting people’
  • Nick was comfortable enough in his manhood to enjoy ‘Jem’
  • Was She-Ra a bigger badass than He-Man?


  • If dinosaurs evolved from birds, what did lizards evolve from?


  • GJ threatens to leave the show when Producer Justin goes a little crazy with the Ultimate Fart Soundboard!

For Whatcha Watchin’?!, GJ saw an “amazing/horrible” Korean film called ‘Old Boy’, while Nick was underwhelmed by Scorsese’s latest, ‘Hugo’. The guys saw ‘Drive’ together and were split in their assessment.

The cover this time is “Marie’s The Name (His Latest Flame)” by Elvis Presley.