Promissory Note


  • 1 ounce ginger liqueur
  • 3/4 ounce dry vermouth
  • 3/4 ounce reposado tequila
  • 3-4 dashes of absinthe


Stir ingredients with cracked ice, and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with fresh grated cinnamon and a thin slice of radish. Actually, fuck the radish.

Recipe courtesy The Alembic, San Francisco

Producer Justin makes a mistake and the guys get 20 minutes into the episode before he realizes that they weren’t actually recording anything!

Good one, Producer Justin!










After chiding Justin thoroughly, the guys start over and Nick re-introduces this episode’s special guest… his good friend Jake. He was in town from Minnesota, so Nick invited him on the show. What a guy!

GJ begins by explaining that he’s been sick and that he’s worried it will affect his performance of the cover song. Nick reminds him that he is a professional and encourages him to fight through the pain.

Maybe there's something to Jake's theory

Going through the mailbag, GJ reads a message from a friend who references episode 12 and says that his deal breakers include Burning Man, renaissance fairs, and clingy people. GJ and Nick concur, and Jake floats a theory that the Burning Man festival might just be a training ground for the zombie apocalypse.

Next it’s Whatcha Drinkin’?! GJ got the recipe for the Promissory Note from a restaurant in San Francisco called The Alembic. Nick says that it’s probably the sweetest drink GJ has made thus far, and the guys agree that it would make a fine dessert cocktail.

From there the guys discuss the year that was (2011), and offer some thoughts on 2012. GJ starts things off by listing a number of events that occurred during the previous twelve months: the tsunami in Japan, Occupy Wall Street, the royal wedding, Charlie Sheen’s epic meltdown, etc. Toward the end of the conversation, Nick reads an article about the 10 things no one cared about in 2011. Did anyone have any interest in Joe Biden? The Simpsons? Google+? In between the guys touched on a number of things, including:

Admit it, you have no idea who this is

  • SOPA
  • Self-cleaning ovens
  • Elton John, royal knight


  • GJ never thought much of Steve Jobs
  • Nick never thought much of Harry Potter


  • Should Producer Justin quit his job and produce the broadcast full-time?

There’s no time for Whatcha Watchin’?! this episode, so the boys go straight into their cover of Tom Jones’ “Delilah”.