This is it, people, your final exam. You have learned much in the four years since we started The Bionic Broadcast, and now it’s time for you to show us how far you’ve come….

Alright, enough of that bullshit… This is the final episode of The Bionic Broadcast for the foreseeable future and we have done our best to make it a memorable one. We’ve got booze, we’ve got sex, we’ve got… Lightning Rodd. It’s a little bit of everything, and we hope you enjoy it.

Thanks to everyone for listening and subscribing and commenting and clicking through our Amazon banner. Seriously, even if you only listened a handful of times, we appreciate you. I mean, don’t get us wrong, we definitely appreciate you more if you listened to, say, 20+ episodes and made it a point to click through our Amazon banner when you bought that fancy new laptop, but yeah, either way. Thanks too to our guests. Whether you were a regular or a one-night stand, we really appreciate your friendship and your contributions to the show. You were all wonderful.

And don’t fret, for nothing ever truly ends. I think it was the great philospher Matthew McConaughey who said “time is a flat circle”, and I’d like to think that when he said that he was talking about The Bionic Broadcast. The website will remain, you’ll still be able to hear the episodes here or on iTunes and Stitcher, and our Facebook page will stay active. Go back and listen to the episodes you missed, tell a friend about us, stay subscribed, and KEEP CLICKING ON THAT AMAZON BANNER! You never know when we’ll come back with a new episode or an exciting announcement.

Thanks again, people. We love you despite your many flaws.


G.J., Justin, Nick, Robert, Webmaster Malcolm, Producer Steve, and Michael “Zombie” Nixon