• Thai Boxer

    Thai Boxer

    Ingredients 10 leaves Thai basil 10 leaves mint 10 leaves cilantro 1/2 oz. ginger liqueur 1 1/2 oz. white rum 1 oz. lime juice 1/2 [...]

  • The Classic Gin and Tonic

    The Classic Gin and Tonic

    Ingredients 1 1/2 oz. gin 3/4 oz. Commonwealth Tonic Liqueur 5 drp. orange or grapefruit bitters 4 oz. soda water Directions Get some decent gin [...]

  • Death Takes A Holiday

    Death Takes A Holiday

    Ingredients 2 ounces Death’s Door White Whiskey 3/4 ounce lemon juice 1/2 ounce rich simple syrup 1/4 ounce St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur 4 1/4-inch cucumber [...]

  • Bare Back

    Bare Back

    Ingredients 1 1/4 oz. bourbon 1/2 oz. elderflower liqueur 2 dsh. orange flower water Directions Combine ingredients into a shaker. Shake and strain over ice [...]

  • Red Ant

    Red Ant

    Ingredients 1 1/2 oz. rye whiskey 1/2 oz. Kirschwasser 1/2 oz. Cherry Heering 1 tbsp. mescal 2 dsh. chocolate mole bitters Directions Combine ingredients in [...]

  • The Redemption

    The Redemption

    Ingredients 3/4 oz. Jagermeister 3/4 oz. Averna 3/4 oz. Applejack 3/4 oz. sweet vermouth 6 drp. Bittermens Burlesque Bitters 12 drp. citrus bitters Directions Combine [...]

  • Portland 85

    Portland 85

    Ingredients 1/2 oz. pear brandy 1/2 oz. pear liqueur 5 oz. champagne Directions Pour the brandy and pear liqueur into a Champagne flute. Float the [...]

  • None But The Brave

    None But The Brave

    Ingredients 1 1/2 oz brandy 1/2 oz Jamaica rum 1/2 oz. pimento dram 1/2 oz. lemon juice Directions Shake over ice and strain. We made ours [...]

  • Sleeping With Strangers

    Sleeping With Strangers

    Ingredients 1 oz. Rhum Neisson Blanc 1 oz. Kronan Swedish Punsch Liqueur 1 oz. Campari 7 drops Bittermens Orange Cream Citrate Orange twist, for garnish [...]

  • From Norway To Sicily

    From Norway To Sicily

    Ingredients 1 oz. aquavit 3/4 oz. Averna 1/2 oz. rye 1/8 oz. (bar spoon) Benedictine 2 dsh. aromatic bitters Directions Combine ingredients, shake, serve up [...]

  • The Crafty and Elusive Elk

    The Crafty and Elusive Elk

    Ingredients 1 oz. blanco tequila 1/2 oz. mezcal 1/2 oz. falernum 1/2 oz. maraschino liqueur 3/4 oz. fresh squeezed lime juice 2 dsh. orange bitters [...]

  • Mr. Autumn

    Mr. Autumn

    Ingredients 2 oz. Laird’s Straight Bonded Apple Jack Brandy (100 Proof) 1/2 oz. Pear Eau-De-Vie 1/4 Sweet Vermouth 2 dashes Angostura Bitters Directions Combine ingredients. [...]

  • East India/Spice Trade

    East India/Spice Trade

    Ingredients 2 oz. añejo rum 1/2 oz. amaro 1/4 oz. sherry 1-2 dashes mole bitters Directions Combine ingredients over ice, stir. Substitute Falernum for the [...]

  • GJ’s Lemon Stack

    GJ’s Lemon Stack

    Ingredients 2 oz. limoncello (homemade or store bought) soda water ice squeeze of lemon Directions Combine ingredients in a glass. Drink. Add a shot of [...]

  • Test Pilot

    Test Pilot

    Ingredients 1 1⁄2 oz. Jamaican rum 3/4 oz. light rum 1/2 oz. Falernum 1/2  oz. lime juice 3 tsp. Cointreau 6 drops Absinthe 1 dash [...]

  • Sage Margarita

    Sage Margarita

    Ingredients 2 or 3 fresh sage leaves 1 ½ ounces tequila ¾ ounce lime juice ½ ounce triple sec ¼ lemon juice ¼ ounce simple syrup Directions [...]

  • Ramos Gin Fizz

    Ramos Gin Fizz

    Ingredients 2 ounces gin 1 dash (3 to 4 drops) orange flower water 1 large egg white 1/2 ounce heavy cream 1/2 ounce fresh lemon [...]

  • The Last Word

    The Last Word

    Ingredients 3/4 oz gin 3/4 oz lime juice 3/4 oz Green Chartreuse 3/4 oz maraschino liqueur Directions Combine the ingredients in a shaker. Shake. Serve [...]

  • Juquila


    Ingredients 2 oz. mezcal Pinch red pepper flakes 2 barspoons balsamic vinegar syrup (see below) 1/2 fresh strawberry 1/2 oz. agave nectar 1/2 oz. lime [...]

  • Hibiscus Vodka Cooler

    Hibiscus Vodka Cooler

    Ingredients 8 cups of water 3/4 cup of sugar 1/2 cinnamon stick allspice berries sliced ginger 1 cup dried hibiscus flowers vodka   Directions Grab [...]


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