We made STICKERS!  Freakin’ awesome, right?  So how do you get yours?  Easy!  Just send an email to thebionicbroadcast@gmail.com and give us your address.  They’re totally FREE and we promise not to sell your information to any spammers or crack dealers.  Well, maybe ONE crack dealer, but he’s a real nice guy and he’s only in the game temporarily until he gets his mom’s car out of impound.  Just kidding…..or am I?

These are high quality vinyl stickers and each one was LASER CUT by Nick using the equipment at his place of employment while he was on the clock.  How punk rock is that?

Also, let us know if you’re a superfan/stalker type who is interested in passing out some of our stickers at your work, school, synagogue, rendering plant, etc. If that’s the case we’ll toss a few extra your way.

Thanks, everyone!

Bionic Sticker 2