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  • Paper Anniversary

    Paper Anniversary

    Paper Anniversary Ingredients 1 1/2 oz Bombay Sapphire gin 1/2 oz Paper Syrup (see below) dash of salt Directions Stir all ingredients with ice and [...]

  • Episode 74.5: The Masturdome

    Episode 74.5: The Masturdome

    Nick and Geej needed a little extra time to plan their 3-year anniversary/75th episode spectacular, so here’s a little half episode for you all. Actually, [...]

  • Stamford Raffles

    Stamford Raffles

    Stamford Raffles Ingredients 4 oz. ginger beer 1 oz. Batavian Arrack 1/2 oz. Jamaican rum 1 oz. lime 1 dash bitters Directions Shake over ice [...]

  • WW?! #36 – Someone Said Grande Frappuccino

    WW?! #36 – Someone Said Grande Frappuccino

    Nick and GJ are back with a JAM PACKED episode of Whatcha Watchin’?! GJ has been storing them up and now he’s cutting them loose! Here’s [...]

  • Here’s Our Nine Inch Nails Cover Set To The Original Video

    Here’s Our Nine Inch Nails Cover Set To The Original Video

    What do you think? Turned out pretty nice, right? Don’t tell Trent… The Bionic Broadcast – NIN – Closer (a capella) from Nick Loiacano on [...]

  • Episode 74: Pet Peeves

    Episode 74: Pet Peeves

    Nick and GJ are back with another episode of Whatcha Watchin’?! Bionic Broadcast! This time we talk pet peeves, chatty neighbors, super lawyers, homemade [...]

  • WW?! #35 – Burning Man Rejects

    WW?! #35 – Burning Man Rejects

    Nick and GJ go guest free for this installment of Whatcha Watchin’?! This time, we discuss Game of Thrones, 22 Jumpstreet, Edge of Tomorrow, Louie, and Mystery Science Theater 3000. Other [...]


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