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  • WW?! #29 – Well, I DO Declare!

    WW?! #29 – Well, I DO Declare!

    Robert Baker is back to talk movies, TV, cinema, film, and television! This time we talk about Grease, Veronica Mars, The Lego Movie, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Breaking [...]

  • Episode 67: Unhackable

    Episode 67: Unhackable

    Nick and GJ go guest free for a show about fat fatties, weird nerds, love lumps, and “unhackable” concepts! GJ starts things off with his [...]

  • Will Analyze Your Privates Will Analyze Your Privates is a FASCINATING website that will analyze your name and tell you everything you ever wanted to know about your junk.  Are you curious about [...]

  • WW?! #28 – Tits and Violence, Sex and Blood!

    WW?! #28 – Tits and Violence, Sex and Blood!

    There, up ahead in the distance, it’s….Whatcha Watchin’?! This time, Nick and GJ talk about The Lego Movie, Space Dandy, The Walking Dead, The Wolf Children Ame and [...]

  • WW #27 – Does Newman Show Up At Some Point?

    WW #27 – Does Newman Show Up At Some Point?

    Webmaster Malcolm joins on this edition of Whatcha Watchin’?! This time we talk about Jurassic Park, Life 2.0, Crossroads, The Witches, The Monuments Men, Badlands, and My Kid Could Paint That. Other [...]


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