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  • Episode 66: Sixty Six

    Episode 66: Sixty Six

    Webmaster Malcolm finally joins us in studio for an episode about courtesy on the road, horrible performance art, internet clickbait, viral marketing, bullshit movie ads, the [...]

  • WW?! #26 – That Phil Collins One

    WW?! #26 – That Phil Collins One

    Whatcha Watchin’?! is LOADED this time! Loaded with what you might ask? Why film, television, TV, cinema, shows, and movies of course! This time we [...]

  • Episode 65: The Emosode

    Episode 65: The Emosode

    It’s a roller coaster of emotions as Nick and GJ talk about media bias, the Woody Allen situation, and stuff that makes them cry.  Other [...]

  • A Walk in the Garden

    A Walk in the Garden

    Ingredients 2 oz. fennel-infused gin 3/4 oz. fresh lime juice 3/4 oz. agave nectar 1 oz. fresh celery juice Directions Combine ingredients in a shaker [...]

  • Echternporter III

    Echternporter III

    Ingredients 1 1/2 oz bourbon 1/2 oz lemon juice 1/2 oz orange juice 1/2 oz Walnut Liqueur (i.e. Nocello) 1/4 oz simple syrup, to taste [...]

  • WW?! #25 – Pissing on Hospitality

    WW?! #25 – Pissing on Hospitality

    It’s an extra fat edition of Whatcha Watchin’?! as Nick’s wife and GJ’s other half join Nick and Geej to talk movies/TV/film/television/cinema.  I’m not saying that [...]


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