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  • Death Takes A Holiday

    Death Takes A Holiday

    Ingredients 2 ounces Death’s Door White Whiskey 3/4 ounce lemon juice 1/2 ounce rich simple syrup 1/4 ounce St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur 4 1/4-inch cucumber [...]

  • WW?! #3 – Watch Out for the Side Effects!

    WW?! #3 – Watch Out for the Side Effects!

    The guys are joined by fim critic Amy Nicholson for the latest installment of the Whatcha Watchin’?! podcast!  From GJ we hear about Pitch Perfect and [...]

  • Episode 41: Celebrity Sex Tapes

    Episode 41: Celebrity Sex Tapes

    The boys are once again joined by film critic Amy Nicholson for a “very special” Valentine’s Day episode about celebrity sex tapes! During Updates, GJ [...]

  • Bare Back

    Bare Back

    Ingredients 1 1/4 oz. bourbon 1/2 oz. elderflower liqueur 2 dsh. orange flower water Directions Combine ingredients into a shaker. Shake and strain over ice [...]

  • Nick Live Blogs The 2013 Grammy Awards

    Nick Live Blogs The 2013 Grammy Awards

    Hey everyone!  In an effort to expand our coverage of actual pop culture I decided to have a few drinks and do a live blog [...]

  • Congrats, Webmaster Malcolm!

    Congrats, Webmaster Malcolm!

    A hearty congratulations and a virtual slap on the back are in order for our very own Webmaster Malcolm!  On Friday, Feb. 1 his recipe [...]

  • WW?! #2 – The Queen and The Hobbit Freak the Frankenweenie.

    WW?! #2 – The Queen and The Hobbit Freak the Frankenweenie.

    Episode #2 of the newly minted ‘Whatcha Watchin’?!’ Podcast in full effect, boyyyeee!  GJ is back from Sundance where he saw Life According To Sam, [...]

  • Episode 40: Savage Animals

    Episode 40: Savage Animals

    After the intro, GJ has a vision of a young Nick preparing to one day host The Bionic Broadcast.  According to Nick he’s not far [...]


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